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St. Agatha School | Escuela de Santa Agatha | 聖亞佳德天主教學校

A Co-Ed Catholic School Serving Children in Brooklyn from Pre-K to Grade 8

Mission Statement | 使命宣言

St. Agatha has a history going back to 1922, yet we are newly charged to prepare students from pre-k to 8th grade for the twenty-first century. We are a vibrant, safe, nurturing and high-achieving academic environment, which recognizes the unique gifts and talents of all. Since we exist in an increasingly multi-cultural society, a main focus at St. Agatha is “Unity through Diversity.” We strive to enable every member of our school community regardless of language, ethnicity or original culture to be inspired by the Holy Spirit and to be the best that they can be academically. Through our school culture that welcomes and embraces all, mercy and truth are manifested in all aspects of St. Agatha school life.


What St. Agatha School Offer | 聖亞佳德學校提供

• Rigorous mind based cognitive learning.
• A nurturing environment for Catholic, spiritual and emotional growth.
• Title 1 service in Math, ESL, Reading and Pre-K4.
• Full time nurse provided by NYC Dept. of Health.
• Updated Lenovo computer lab.
• Well-equipped hands-on Science and Math Labs.
• Tuition assistance programs available.
• Early morning Drop-Off and free Yellow School Bus Service.
• Full day Pre-1 (class for 4 yr. olds)
• Full day and ½ day Jr. Pre-K (class for 3 yr. olds)
• After-school homework help program.
• Smart Board equipped classrooms.
• Wi-Fi Internet Access throughout school.
• Pedagogical Meals – Teachers eat with students for enhanced social skills modeling.
• After school clubs include: fencing, robotics, basketball, Chinese language club, digital art and band.

• 嚴謹的思維基礎認知學習
• 培育天主教信仰和心靈成長的環境
• 教學膳食(教師和學生一起用餐為 增強學生的社交適應能力)
• 更新聯想電腦的實驗室
• 配備智能主板的教室
• 提供Wi-Fi無線上網
• 設備齊全的科學和數學實驗室
• 第一條款(Title I)服務(課外數學、英語、閱讀和學前班的額外教學)
• 紐約衛生局提供的全職護士
• 四歲兒童的全天班
• 三歲兒童的全天或半天班
• 提早上學及免費黃色校車服務
• 課後俱樂部(擊劍,機器,籃球,中文,電子藝術,樂隊)
• 課後輔導
• 學費援助

Registration Information | 註冊信息

St. Agatha School is now enrolling new and returning students. It is important that you bring the following items when you come to register your child:
1. Birth Certificate
2. Baptismal Certificate
3. Immunization Record
4. Report Card for grades 1-8

1. 出生證明
2. 洗禮證書
3. 免疫記錄
4. 成績卡(1-8年級)

*Financial Aid is also available | 提供學費援助給需要的學生*

St. Agatha School | 聖亞佳德天主教學校
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